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Welcome To Memoir Company Limited

It ranks as one of the most sought- Marine store and spare parts trader and repair workshop in Chattogram, Bangladesh. Memoir company limited gives best quality service and supply with low price. It provides specialized services in the Ship Repair sector and supply. By adapting a customer-centric focus, we have established a strong and proven track record in providing quality services with Safe working practice. We are the preferred contractor to all leading Ship Owner’s & Ship Manager’s. We still hold that heritage by doing all kinds of ship repairing works which includes deck, engine repair works, plate renewal and installation of machineries including generator set, pumps, purified Mongla Port & Chattogram Port are two major sea ports in Bangladesh & also attractive destinations for merchant ships all over the world.

Memoir Company Limited Mission

We supply quality goods and ship repairing to ship or person as requirement. By the authentic dealing professionally with the honorable Buyers. Customers to fulfill for the Consumer requirements by minimize additional-expenses of apparels. And ready-made garments with good quality of products on-time import & export to the surrounding locations whole over the world. Also thinking the social responsibilities by the using of un-utilize manpower & un-opportunist people in country. And rest of the world for the contributing to local government increase the sustainability of the nation and whole over the world.

Memoir Company Limited  Responsibility

It implements the business work by its own strategy according to category wise. And full length of effort by the innovation, promotion, developing. And perfect dealing for the goods & services to the customers and business partners. Memoir Company Limited is responsible for marine supply item related services as per buyer requirement to manipulate the standard level, proper timing and successful dealing as our company objectives.

Our company will give best quality supply and best ship service as your requirement.  

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